Thursday, March 29, 2012

Down by the Cool of the Pool by Tony Mitton, Early Literacy Anchor Book Unit submitted by Janine

This story is written in an add-on format which helps early learners with sequencing of stories.  As the story adds animals that join frog at the party in the pool, each has his/her own action including dancing, flapping, wiggling and stamping!  There are many types of sentences for teachers to take apart and explore with students as well helping cue for expressive voices.

The illustrations in this book are superbly eye-catching and colorful.  The text is full of sight words and also rhyming words. There is repetition,

 "Down by the pool in the cool of the day, frog cried, 'Wheeeeee! Can you dance like me?"
I love the wonderful beat to this text!  Yeah Tony Mitton!
Tony Mitton's book page is at the following link:

If you haven't checked-out Tony Mitton's books, you will be surprised at how many beautiful selections there are to use in your classroom!                                                                                                          
Janine's book unit can be used in PreK-Grade 2 classrooms depending on your level of differentiation.
Many thanks to Janine!  MWAH! 


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